By day I’m an Anesthesiologist.

I take people who are usually very much alive, give them medications that could kill them, and hold them in a near-death state while they undergo surgery that would certainly kill them, if not for my intervention. When the surgery is finished I ensure that they return to their previous fully-alive state with minimal discomfort and no memory of these traumatic events. I wear a mask and a cape, and they never remember my name. I’m more than just a doctor. I’m a superhero.

When I’m not curing people of consciousness I’m at home working on Projects. As far back as I can remember I’ve spent my “free” time taking things apart and figuring out how they work.  Legos, Erector Sets, and RC cars, were my gateway drugs. I’ve rebuilt cars, made furniture, created sets and props for theatre, and most recently, I’ve been making my dumb house more smarter.

A few years ago I attended my first Maker Faire.  I realized right away that I had found My People!  It was exciting to see so many other people who shared my passion for making ALL KINDS of things!  At long last, I had found my purpose, the reason I was sent here by the mother ship.  I’m a Maker.

With inspiration from my sweet and talented daughter Zoe, I started making videos about my projects.  That added a whole new dimension.  Planning out and editing tutorials is a new level of Making.

This website is where I will centralize links to videos, explanations, and links to product I use in my projects.

Hope it’s helpful to ya!