As promised. Here’s how you can make even more custom LED effects for other Holidays.


This is the non-programmer’s way to decipher and change the arduino sketch. There are certainly other (and likely better) ways to do it, but this is what I learned and how I did it. If you find other ways to make custom effects please share!


There are 4 ways to add custom colors to these effects.


  1. Use the Home Assistant color selector that is part of the Light function.
  2. Add a color palette to the BPM effect (shifting pulsing effect).
    1. Adafruit article about color palettes:
    2. Go to and make a bookmark out of the “PaletteKnife” link.
    3. Find a palette you like from one of these pages:
    4. Click the palette you want, then click the PaletteKnife bookmark, copy the result
    5. Paste it at the beginning of the Arduino sketch on your wemos board
    6. Copy the BPM effect, change the name to whatever you want
    7. Copy the name of your new palette and paste it over the name of the default BPM palette.  
  3. Define new Hue colors for the Police All effect.
    1. Copy the Police All effect and rename it to whatever you want
    2. Copy line “uint8_t thishuepolice = 0;” paste it right below and replace “police” with whatever you want
    3. Go to the Hue value chart and pick a new Hue number based on the color you want. It doesn’t have to be the exact number of the pure color, it can be any number from 0 to 359. Replace the “0” with your new hue number.
    4. Choose another Hue color number (you get 2 colors for this effect).  
    5. Go to your copy of the Police All effect. Find the line “int thathue = (thishuepolice + 160) % 255;”
    6. You want the number in the () to equal the number of your second hue, so do some math and change “+ 160” to whatever it needs to be to get your second hue number.
  4. Add new colors to the Candy Cane effect.
    1. Copy the Candy Cane effect and rename it to whatever you want.
    2. Find “CRGBPalette16 currentPalettestriped” Copy it and paste it right below.
    3. Change “current” to something you choose.
    4. Find “setupStripedPalette( CRGB::Red, CRGB::Red, CRGB::White, CRGB::White);” Copy and paste it right below.  Change “Striped” to whatever you want.
    5. Find a list of HTML color names. Replace “Red” and “White” with the names of your colors.
    6. Find “void setupStripedPalette” section and copy everything from “void” through “}”.  Paste it all right below, then change “Striped” to the same word you used when defining the colors above.
    7. In your copied list of A’s and B’s, change the A’s and B’s to either A, AB, B, BA, depending on how you want you colors arranged.  A represents the first color, AB, the second, B the third, and BA the fourth.