3-Wire Data Booster


QuinLED Data Booster

Use if you have a long “jump” between strings of LEDs

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QuinLED-Data-Booster (Maxi) board has the following features:

  • Supports power in/out of 5v – 48v
    • High current carrying board design
  • Power injection points with M3 bolt
    • Use direct solder to pad/hole
    • Use crimped fork connector
      • M3 nut (on bottom) with M3 screw (on top)
  • Re-broadcast Data Signal
    • Onboard level-shifter to take in signal and send it out again
    • “Cleans up” data signals
      • Basically able to discern better between a 1 and 0 then a pixel and send it out strong again
  • Data Signal cable conditioner
    • Switch selectable 33Ω and 249Ω resistor output

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