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Send Digital LED signals LONG distance using these differential signal boards and ethernet cabling.

This device is intended to convert TTL based high speed logic signal that is output from addressable LED controllers to an RS485 differential pair signal.  The benefits of doing this are to eliminate or minimize noise in the TTL signal and to preserve signal integrity over very long distances.  In theory RS485 should be able to transmit the signal reliably to almost 4000m.  

The design of these converters is intended for use in applications using addressable LED strips or strings that use the WS2811, 2812, 2813, 2815, etc integrated circuits.  Using these converters will allow the placement of the controller a considerable distance from the first LED strip or string or where there is a considerable distance between strips using the same data signal.  The boards have been designed to use industry standard ethernet cable with standard RJ-45 ends.

While many have been able to achieve a reasonable distance using the TTL signal (30 feet or more) this is well beyond the design parameters of TTL and users could experience issues post installation as the noise environment could change at any time and make the signal unusable.

The V3.0 design uses a separate board for the Transmitter (connect to Controller) and the Receiver (connect to LED strip) and are configurable for 5V or 12V systems using an onboard jumper.  

NOTE: Please refer to the “WLED RS485_connection_diagrams_V3” document for detail on wiring options.

WARNING: Confirm jumper positions (5v or 12v) before using.

DEMO / Intro to the D3DataMax from a recent Live Stream:

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