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For LONG Distance LED data transfer (up to 500m/1200ft)

The Diff-Solo always comes as a pair of boards, the Sender and Receiver board.

You will need both (1 Set) for a functioning link and only a 1-to-1 setup is supported.

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The QuinLED-Diff-Solo system consists of 2 boards, a Sender and a Receiver board. You need the sender board near your data source (like a Dig-UnoDig-Quad or Dig-Octa System) it will take in the LED data and transform it to a differential signal. Then near the LEDs you have a Receiver board which takes in the differential type signal and transforms it back to a level-shifted + 33R resistor LED data signal to hook up your LEDs.

The Sender and Receiver board can be on different power supplies even with different voltages and do not need a shared GND connection, please see the below specifications for the supported voltages.

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