Octa Power-5



  • Up to 50Amps continuous
    • Up to 3 input wires, individually fused
  • 14x 5.08mm pluggable terminals
    • Individually fused
    • Broken fuse indicator light per port
    • Up to 10Amps max output
  • Bulk input and individual output capacitors
  • QPowerPost compatible
  • Fully stackable design!

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Do you need an Octa-Brainboard?

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The Dig-Octa system is the what you need if you feel the Dig-Quad wasn’t able to cut it for you anymore. Giving you more LED outputs and much more power handling capabilities all built with safety and stability in mind. The Dig-Octa system splits LED driving functions (brainboards) and power distribution and fusing (powerboards) into a modular system allowing you to mix and match exactly what you need for your setup!

To learn more about the Dig-Octa System please watch the following videos:

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1.5 in


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