How this first IoT Adventure Quest works: 

  • Wand is in a box locked with a magnetic lock. To open the box the player needs to charge the wand with a spell of fire or ice by warming or cooling a dragon egg. When it hits the goal temp a light will glow Red or Blue and the box will unlock.
  • The Dragon will have Green eyes when he is sleeping, meaning the motion detector is armed. If the Dragon detects the player’s movement the eyes turn yellow the first time and red the second time.
  • Arriving at the Dragon he has 2 symbols on his chest. To defeat him touch the wand the the fire symbol if you warmed the dragon egg, or the snowflake if you cooled the egg. The egg has to stay at the spell temperature for the wand to work. After he is defeated. Try to open the Treasure Chest.

BackLog Command:
D1mini WandBox:
Backlog SSID1 YourWifiSSID; Password1 YourWifiPW; MqttHost your.mqtt.pi.ip; MqttUser yourMQTTuser; MqttPassword yourMQTTpw; Hostname Wandbox; MqttClient Wandbox; Topic Wandbox; FriendlyName1 Wandbox; PowerRetain 1; gpio2 10; gpio4 18; gpio14 02; gpio15 07; module 18

### Code ###
WandBox Partial Configuration.YAML

WandBox Automations.YAML

D1mini –

Relay –

LEDs –

Temp Sensor –

Mag Lock –